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 7th Chakra -
Crown Chakra


It is located on top of the head and opens upwards.
It is symbolized by the colour PURPLE. It is believed that it is through this chakra that the human soul leaves the body at the time of death. The crown chakra is responsible for the feeling of unity with the universe and spiritual perception of reality.
The harmonious flow of energy through the crown chakra gives a person a sense of unity with the entire Universe, a sense of freedom and unlimited potential. He is able to perceive the world in a spiritual way and to radiate incredible love. He is aware that everything is one energy. They never judge other people.
Disturbances in the flow of energy through the crown chakra strengthen a person's sense of loneliness and the lack of meaning in life. He becomes closed to spiritual sensations, shows no interest in spiritual development and does not believe in the existence of higher energies. He only sees himself in the physical plane. May be especially prone to mental illness and self-destructive behavior. He feels panicky, distrustful and haughty, isolates himself from his surroundings. He is apathetic and may suffer from depression or memory disorders. Such a person's life can often be compared to vegetation - it is completely closed to full survival.

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