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Most of the time people start paying attention to their emotions, thoughts and body when they are already seriously ill. Then they do everything to restore balance to their lives. What if you consciously take care of yourself before it comes to a problem?


The only thing our brain has access to, is our body. Maybe sounds a bit weird but for our brain, other people do not exist. 

PROBLEM = CONFLICT that is unreleased form of suffering

- an event happen suddenly or dramatic experienced in isolation.

Brain works in the so-called survival mode, and is not interested in what is happening around us, the only and basic task for our brain is to keep us alive.

As a holistic therapist, I am not against conventional medicine, but from my experience It is not concerned with finding the real cause of our illnesses, but with treating the effects. Unfortunately, in order to deal effectively with all issue, it is necessary to find the cause that is always within us.

To say that the cause is always in us does not mean that we are doing something against ourselves or our body consciously. Because the cause is not in ourselves, but in the interpretation of certain events in our lives. So, we have both a cause and a solution within us.

If we blame the whole world and people around us for situations and feelings that happen to us, it means that we judge from the level of unconsciousness - which is nothing but not taking responsibility for your own life. Why are we doing this ?? the reason is simple FEAR.

There is no therapy that is effective and that does not concern our childhood because it is the moment that shapes us as an individual through our experiences and it is up to us how we interpret them and use them in our lives.
Simple example for better understanding a child or rather the brain of a child who lives in a family where there is no closeness, feelings, and soaks it like a sponge without giving it any label

So if you are looking for an answer to why I always end up in such a relationship, 95% of it is in your childhood.

Everything that helps us survive at the level of the brain is good !

The moment we become aware of it, we begin to work through our emotions, and we have a chance for a total change in our lives.
Healing ourselves, as well as the situations we face, is tantamount to re-facing the pain and emotions we've just swept under the rug.

We usually run away from suffering and our psyche knows it well and this is where conflicts within ourselves begins. We repel some events and emotions to not suffer anymore same time we don’t accept the actual state.

 Without acceptation we are unable to heal and change.


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