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The cause of our illness or situations in our life is always in us, because it is base on our interpretation of exact event that happen to us

Conscious life 

Living consciously and understanding how important role our emotions play in our lives, you can change your whole life. Changing the way you think, changing your perception of reality is the beginning of changes throughout your life.

Every situation in our life is accompanied by emotions, both good and bad. each of them is remembered both in our body and in the part of the brain called the subconscious.

Each bad experience and bad emotions are coded and remembered in order to avoid similar situations in the future. Unfortunately, in most cases we are not able to avoid another disappointment, another bad experience.  Why is this happening?  This is because, instead of freeing ourselves from negative family patterns and emotions, we are becoming a victim. For every failure in our life, we start blaming the people around us and the situations that happen to us.

However, the truth is completely different. The cause should be sought in ourselves, it is not always simple and easy, because in most cases the cause should be sought in our childhood, the lives of our parents and sometimes even our ancestors. And that is to always share responsibility for the situations that happen to us in everyday life and the people we meet on our way of life. In other words, we give permission to what is happening in our lives and how other people treat us. 

You need to remember as well that if you stick to bad emotions our body will start to get ill.


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