3rd Chakra -  
SOLAR Chakra

Wisdom and Power 


The Solar Plexus chakra is located above the navel, at the height of the solar plexus. It is symbolized by colour YELLOW.

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for how a person realizes himself in the material world. It provides internal motivation and a sense of harmony, a person realizes his plans and goals without problems, enjoys good health and has a high self-esteem. The harmonious flow of energy through the solar plexus chakra makes a person joyful, full of passion for life, has a sense of control over their affairs and experiences. He has a sense of emotional balance and his relationships with others are based on respect and harmony. He is convinced that he is able to cope with everything and is distinguished by internal willpower. He is self-confident, active and able to make his dreams come true. He has the feeling that he has everything he needs and deserves.

In the case of disturbances in the flow of energy, a person has a sense of emotional chaos, he is impulsive and nervous in his reactions. He is indecisive, unsure of himself, unsure of his decisions and actions. She cannot change her life for the better and has low self-esteem. He cannot accept himself and his body. Feels a constant need to self-esteem. Has problems in interpersonal relationships and is unable to form a relationship. He lives in a sense of deprivation, lack of peace and constant fear of danger from other people.

In the health sphere, it affects metabolism, the functioning of the nervous system, the work of the liver, spleen, gall bladder, stomach and small intestine.


4th Chakra - Heart Chakra

Love and Healing 


It is located on the chest - at the level of the heart. It is symbolized by colour GREEN, PINK and GOLD.

The heart chakra is responsible for relationships with people, unconditional love and the ability to forgive.

The harmonious work of the heart chakra gives a person a sense of balance in their life, is able to establish harmonious relationships with others, is loving and affectionate, emanates love and understanding. He can forgive and is good. He is full of love for himself, people, nature and everything that surrounds him. He is sensitive to the beauty of the world and willing to help others. Can forgive and accept others as they are. He is honest, patient, open to love. He can give with joy and gladly accepts what others give him. People feel good in his company and feel that he is a person who exudes love.

Disturbed flow of energy through the heart chakra causes that a person has a problem with forgiveness and keeps any resentment for a long time. He is not capable of unconditional love, unable to show empathy and compassion. He feels she doesn't deserve love and can't show his feelings to others. He tends to fall into extreme emotional states.

In the health sphere, the heart chakra is connected with the thymus and is responsible for the immune system. It affects the heart, blood circulation, skin and respiratory system.

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