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The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and the corresponding colour to this chakra is RED.
This chakra is responsible for our connection with Mother Earth. It is our connection between the physical world and the material world.
This chakra is responsible for a sense of security, self-confidence, personal development, abundance and our health.
The harmoniously working chakra provides a sense of security in life, a sense of stabilisation, provides energy to implement your plans and life goals, a feeling of peace, you are aware that you do not have to worry about the future because you are convinced that everything you need to survive will be given to you.
Disturbed energy flow in the first chakra:
- common health problems
- feeling of unreasonable fear
- the belief that life is just hard work
- feeling of powerlessness and reluctance to take action (often
many plans but no action)
- fight for survival
- continuous failures
In our physical body, the base chakra is responsible for the proper functioning of: the immune system, the muscular system, the skeleton, legs, feet, the spine, the blood system, the large intestine.

The second chakra is located two fingers below the navel. She is responsible for our creativity, creativity, sexuality, passion, joyful life experienced. It is symbolized by the colour ORANGE.
The free flow of energy through the sacral chakra ensures the proper development of his creativity. It has an impact on his sex life and physical sensations. It guarantees him very good contacts with the opposite sex and gives him a sense of passion and joy in life.
Shows kindness towards others and respect for other people. He has no problems establishing relationships with other people and enjoys success with the opposite sex, and his intimate life is rich and rewarding. He is trusting and does not seek conflicts with others. He feels satisfied with his life and takes pleasure in it.
Disturbances in the flow of energy through the sacral chakra make a person feel that life is monotonous and boring. Has problems with sexual experiences, self-esteem and self-acceptance. Has a problem with establishing close relationships with other people and does not feel pleasure during sexual intercourse. Towards the opposite sex, they are uncertain and have low self-esteem. He cannot be creative and cannot find passion in his life. He is pessimistic about life, distrustful, cold and insensitive. It can also show aggression. In the health sphere, it is responsible for body fluids, kidneys, urinary bladder and sexual organs.

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1st Chakra - BASE Chakra also called as ROOT Chakra
Basic and Trust

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2nd Chakra -

Sexuality and Creativity

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