It is located between the throat and the hollow between the collarbones. It is responsible for the ability of a person to easily express himself, his thoughts and feelings.
It is symbolized by the BLUE colour.
The harmonious operation of the throat chakra means that a person has no problems communicating with other people and is able to perfectly express what he feels and what he has to say. He is confident, has his own opinion and can say "no". Is aware of the importance and meaning of the words he says, is open to his intuition, sincere, energetic and go-ahead. He can make his dreams come true and is aware that he learns something new through his life experiences.
The disturbed flow of energy through the throat chakra makes it difficult for a person to express their thoughts and feelings. He is closed to feelings and is afraid of the opinions of others about himself. He is unable to speak directly about his needs and expectations. He suppresses his opinions and most often agrees with the opinions of others, which is why he has no opinion of his own and often does something against himself. He is shy and has a feeling of dissatisfaction with what he is doing. He often puts on a mask, saying what others expect.
In the health sphere, it is connected with the thyroid glands and is responsible for the throat, trachea, bronchi, tonsils and vocal cords.

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6th Chakra - Third Eye


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5th Chakra - Throat Chakra


It is located on the forehead, slightly above the brow line. It is symbolized by INDIGO and SAPPHIRE colours. The third eye chakra is responsible for intuition, psychic abilities and freedom in creating experiences. It gives a person the ability to intuitively perceive reality and the ability to influence the material world.
The harmonious flow of energy through the third eye chakra makes a person distinguished by a highly developed intuition. He is aware of his life path and what he should be doing. He has a strongly developed imagination, experiences inspiration and is able to deal with people properly and manage situations in his life so that they take a favorable course for him. He feels at one with the world around him.
The disturbed flow of energy through the third eye chakra causes a person to perceive the world only from the level of reason and intellect. It allows itself only what can be proven scientifically and rejects spiritual truths. His life is only meeting material and bodily needs.
In the health sphere, it is related to the central nervous system (brain, cerebellum and spinal cord) and the pituitary gland, and has an impact on the human hormonal balance. It is related to the sense of sight.

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